Why More Women Say They Are Willing to Pay For Sex?

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Why More mature escorts Say They Are Willing To Pay For Sex: The majority of our population, when confronted with the reality that sex is not free and should be paid for, will stubbornly resist the idea. It is a deeply held myth that we should have sex every day and with this attitude, the majority of women are not going to be willing to pay for sex. Why Not? Because the cost (both financially and emotionally) is too high.

We have to be realistic about this. It’s not going to magically disappear overnight. And it would be crazy to think that just because the payment schedule is set up for four hours a day, it’s going to magically become an hour-long session. But it’s possible to scale the payment schedule down if both partners can agree on a reduced level of intimacy.

This is where some thoughtful planning comes in. It’s possible to arrange a mutually manageable “ritual day”. In fact, I often see couples who have two or three children and then have sex once a month or so, which drastically reduces the costs involved.

Some of these arrangements take place at a home in the suburbs. Or at a friend’s house in the city. Others take place outside. And yet others involve travel, luxury hotels and/or private jets. But the end result is always the same: the couple gets much more out of the experience.

And remember, these arrangements are only going to work if you can maintain your spontaneity and excitement for the length of the evening. And many women find this very difficult. Why Not? Because once the “ritual” day has started, and there is no spontaneous moment to speak of, the woman generally finds that the sexual encounters that she has with her partner are nothing like what she had when she first started.

There are certainly other factors involved in what I call the “spontaneous sex factor”. For example, some women just find it hard to be in a relationship. When sex is part of that equation, all of that extra work just to maintain the illusion of a committed relationship can be crushing. And for many women, once the novelty of being in a new relationship wears off – especially when that relationship becomes “serious” – the sex is gone. The question is: Are you prepared to give it another shot?

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